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Course Information

The D14km event is considered as an introduction to mountain biking. It has two components – a race and a participation ride. New in 2017, all participants including the D14 will now receive a participation medal!

The D14km Race is the State School Mountain Biking Championships and provides talented mountain bike riders the opportunity to be recognised as WA’s best in their age category.

This event is also a participation event, providing an opportunity for those who are new to the sport to experience the real deal trails and tracks, with the support of experienced riders around them. The lead and tail bikes escort riders throughout the course, making sure no one is left behind; as well as support riders among the group providing tips and tricks to those who are new.

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The D14km has both race and participation components. The D14km is the State School Mountain Bike Championship for students 12-18. This event is also a great distance for those just beginning mountain biking, introducing participants to a novice course that will expose you to the gentle tracks available.

The D14km is a self seeding start line. If you are a faster rider, head to the front of the group; if you are riding casually stay toward the back of the pack.

Start Time – 8.45am

There are no cut off times for the D14km event. A cyclist will follow the last participant to the finish line.

There are no aid stations on the D14km course. Participants must carry sufficient supplies to make it back to the finish line.

To participate in the D14km, participants must be 8 years or older as of 31/12/2017

The following prize categories will be awarded for Males and Females in the Schools XC Challenge:
12 & under
14 & under
16 & under
18 & under